Ski Slovenia!

A truly unbeatable skiing destination.

This is a ski destination for the imaginative amongst you; off the beaten track and yet well equipped, modern European country with great skiing facilities. (To the north and west it borders Austria & Italy.) The scenery, the snow covered Alpine mountains and natural forests & lakes just take your breath away. Here you can really enjoy your skiing but also relax with a coffee or a beer and admire the stunning views, mostly away from the crowds.

It is also, in our opinion, one of the best for families. Safe, friendly and fun. You will see many Slovenian families all out together in the snow - and it is a delight to see a 3 year old (yes, they start at 3) zipping down a red run!

Slovenia has modern, well equipped resorts at prices well below what you will find in the main Alpine destinations. That, combined with our highly rated accommodation, makes for a truly unbeatable combination.

The main resorts close to us are: Vogel, Cerkno & Krvavec

Why choose Slovenia?

  • Interesting, varied terrain
  • Not yet well known and therefore fairly quiet: no long lift queues
  • Short transfers - Ljubljana airport is just 30min away
  • Affordable prices (a coffee on the mountain still costs just €2)
  • Ski School is much cheaper than elsewhere
  • Safe environment (theft is almost unknown here)
  • Family friendly - but also the kids are well behaved!
  • English speaking staff
  • Wide variety of other activities to try

So come stay with us and enjoy this amazing country.


Here are some typical prices:




€32 - 1-day pass

€168 - 7-day pass



€85 per Week; skis, boots, poles



20 pp/hr, for two people with a private instructor