Holidays in Slovenia

Europe's Best Holiday Destination

Thoroughly European, largely untouched, natural beauty.

"Majestic mountains, spectacular lakes, fairy-tale castles, and trhat's just for starters."
- The Independent

""We rarely return to the same place on holiday, but we aim to go back. This region has so much to offer."
- Graham, Harpenden

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Slovenia is how unknown it still is. A combination of tight lipped refusal by those who have been and don't want it to change, coupled with a lack of advertising budget has meant that it isn't even on most people's holiday radar.


It's difficult to express how different modern Slovenia is to any preconceptions many people might have about Eastern Europe. This area was the most prosperous and liberal region of the former Yugoslavia and officially became Slovenia in 1991. Unscathed by conflict, the stunning architecture of Ljubljana and the spectacular scenery across the rest of the country remains very much as it was under the control of neighboring Vienna during the illustrious days of the Hapsburg empire. Still not convinced? Have a look at the Common Misconceptions page.


For a country the size of Wales the range of things to do and see is remarkable. The country's four distinct geographical areas mean that you can hike up the glorious Julian Alps, swim in the Mediterranean, travel through Europe's largest cave network, watch a Lipizzaner riding display and do a tasting tour around the vineyards of the North East all in the same week (it is in fact possible to play in the Alpine snow and the Adriatic seaside surf all in one day.)

And that's just for starters.

Visit Ljubljana for a truly delightful and little known European capital, kayak down the most exciting white water river in the continent or just slope off to the nearest restaurant to sample the local cuisine, half Italian, half Austrian but completely different to both. Whatever your passion, Slovenia has it in spades.