Terms & Conditions

The Agreement

Below we set out the main terms and conditions under which we offer our properties in Slovenia for your holiday rental. This is a generic document that covers the terms for all properties, but where there are any differences, this is defined in the Schedule to accompany and form part of the agreement. The agreement is set out to clarify our obligations to you, your obligations to us, and in the very unlikely event of any disputes, we will use this document as a basis for any resolution. Please read it carefully before confirming your booking and ensure that it conforms to your understanding of what you expect from the holiday rental.

Essential Definitions

"Rental Period" The period begins at 16:00 on the agreed start date of the booking and ends at 10.00 on the agreed final date.
"We" or "Us" Visitslovenija, operated by BLAMO nepremičnine d.o.o., Drenov Grič 62, Drenov Grič, 1360 Vrhnika
"You" The person named on the booking form who will take singular responsibility for the entire party for the entire Rental Period.
"The Property" The property being rented will be defined in the initial acceptance of the Enquiry and will be EITHER The Apartment 2, Bohinjska Bela OR Apartment 3, Bohinjska Bela OR Apartment 4, Bohinjska Bela.

The Booking Process

This is a private rental by owner, and if booking with us directly we do not offer an automated, faceless booking system. While this is deliberately set up to help both You and Us feel more comfortable, it may feel like a few extra steps in the process but its all quite painless. The minimum steps are defined below. We are always happy to add in additional steps as required.

"Enquiry Submitted" You will contact Us (by any suitable means) in order to check the dates, price and availability. Notwithstanding any public or published availability or price charts, we do require that You request confirmation in case we receive competing requests that we are unable to publish in time.
"Enquiry Accepted" We will respond to every enquiry, and if we are able to offer the accommodation as requested or any mutually agreeable variant thereof, we will confirm the price, the Rental Period and we will also set out a timetable for the acceptance of this offer. In the event that this timetable is not adhered to, we will consider the enquiry null and void. We also reserve the right to decline any enquiry without specifying a reason.
"Booking Submitted" You will complete a booking form either on line or on paper and submit this to Us. You will also send a deposit of 25% of the total rental price. If the booking is submitted less than 8 weeks prior to the start of the Rental Period, then You will send the amount set out in the Final Payment below.
"Booking Accepted" We will acknowledge receipt of booking form and once we are satisfied that we have received the appropriate funds, we will confirm the reservation for the agreed Rental Period. At this stage We are obliged to keep those dates exclusively for You, and to fulfil all other obligations set out below.
"Final Payment" You will send the balance of the payments no later than 8 weeks prior to the start of the Rental Period.
"Booking Confirmation" We will acknowledge receipt of final payment and once we are satisfied that we have received the appropriate funds, we will also send You comprehensive details for access to the property, including but not limited to arrangements for the keys and map/driving instructions.

Our Responsibility

  1. We will provide a clean, well maintained holiday property suitable for the number of people set out in the Schedule.
  2. Specifically, within the Property:
    • Bedding and towels will be of good quality and freshly laundered.
    • Kitchen items supplied will be good quality, and be serviceable.
    • All electrical items will be in safe working order.
    • The property will be well stocked with sufficient crockery, cutlery, glasses and cooking appliances in good condition.
    • Any additional items advertised on our website will be available (unless otherwise advised).
  3. The pool will be properly maintained and additional outdoor furniture will be made available.
  4. We will not be liable to the You for any loss, damage or injury caused by defect or stoppage in the supply of public services, or for any temporary defect in the property including heating, telephone, television, radio and internet services or any loss, damage or injury caused by circumstances beyond the control of the owner including adverse weather conditions.
  5. The property will be available for occupation from 4pm on the start date of the booking until 10.00am on the final date, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  6. We will provide stocks of washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets in the kitchen as well as liquid soap, shower gel and shampoo (and hairdryer) and toilet paper for normal usage in all bathrooms.
  7. Bed linen & towels will be changed once per week.
  8. At any time prior to the commencement of the rental, we will respond to any queries You may have in a timely and professional manner.
  9. Once a reservation has been accepted by Us, we will set out clearly and in writing the timetable of payments, the amounts and the dates by which they should be received.

Your Responsibility

  1. You will pay Us the agreed rental fee as follows:
    • 25% of the total rental fee is payable upon booking. The booking cannot be considered accepted until this is received by Us.
    • 8 weeks before the start date of the Rental Period, You will pay Us the balance. In addition You will pay a security deposit as set out in the Schedule. This deposit will be banked by Us and held in accordance with the terms set out in paragraphs 20 to 23 below.
    • for bookings starting within 8 weeks, the full amount is due by You.
  2. Delay in any payment will constitute cancellation by You of the booking.
  3. While You occupy the Property, You will be responsible for maintaining the property, furniture, finishings and equipment in the same state as You find it at the commencement of the Rental Period and will indemnify Us against any loss or damage caused by Your negligence in excess of the security deposit referred to in Paragraphs 20 to 23.
  4. You will peacefully and quietly occupy the premises and will conduct yourselves in a manner inoffensive to the neighbours. You will not permit activities on the premises that are contrary to any law, local ordinance and/or applicable health or fire provisions. Violation of these conditions will result in immediate termination of occupancy and forfeiture of all payments. The premises shall be used for residential purposes only. Parties, meetings, etc. in the property are expressly forbidden.
  5. You will without delay report to us any defects in the property or breakdown in the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances in or on the property, and arrangements will be made for repair or replacement as soon as reasonably possible.
  6. You will not exceed the maximum occupancy permissible as defined in The Schedule.
  7. You will allow maintenance personnel, cleaning staff, the Owners and the Owner's representative reasonable access to the property for the purposes of repair and maintenance.
  8. You will not smoke inside the Property, and You will ensure that no one else in your party does either.
  9. You acknowledge that The Property and its facilities (including those provided externally) are to be used solely by You and no-one else.
  10. You will follow the requests on the Checkout Procedure & in particular dispose of your rubbish & recycling. We reserve the right to charge for rubbish disposal if you leave it to us.
  11. The latest check-in time for The Property is 6pm, unless otherwise agreed by Us.

General Terms & Conditions


  1. When You pay the final installment, You will also pay Us a security deposit as defined in the Schedule. We will bank this and hold against any undue damage or serious loss or breakage incurred during your stay.
  2. If there are no problems, then we will refund 100% of this deposit to You within 10 days of the end of the Rental Period.
  3. Should we need to retain any of these funds, we will notify You in advance of returning the balance and You will have the opportunity to consider the matter.
  4. The sum reserved by this clause shall not limit your liability to Us in the event of major damage.


  1. The deposit is non-refundable.
  2. For cancellations received less than eight weeks before the commencement of the Rental Period all monies (except the security deposit referred to in Paragraph 15) will normally be forfeited. However, We will make best efforts to re-let the Rental Period and any monies received by Us for rentals for this period will be used to make repayment to You. Repayments may be reduced by any out of pocket expenses incurred by Us in finding alternative guests, and will include any additional advertising costs, any late booking discount and any reduction in rentals paid for a shorter booking during this period.
  3. If for any reason the booking is canceled by Us, all money paid by You to Us including the deposit will be refunded to You immediately.
  4. All cancellations must be made in writing.


  1. You fully understand the potential dangers that the swimming pool presents to infants, teenagers and adults and will fully abide by ALL safety notices. You take full responsibility for the safety of all members of your party and agree to completely free the property owners from any liability, loss, damage or expense, including without limitation, legal fess and cost of litigation resulting from any swimming pool accidents or incidents occurring at the property. You understand that there is no safety fence surrounding the pool.

You are strongly recommended to arrange comprehensive travel insurance including cancellation cover, personal belongings and public liability.


Property Maximum Occupancy Security Deposit Earliest Check-in
Bohinjska Bela 2 2 200 € 4pm
Bohinjska Bela 3 4 200 € 4pm
Bohinjska Bela 4 6 200 € 4pm